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Case: Ultrasonic cleaner for BWSC

BWSC has ultrasonic systems from Aquality at various locations worldwide. These are all specifically designed to perfectly meet the needs of the user. We are happy to tell you more!

Aquality has built several ultrasonic installations for Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractors. One of these is used to clean the parts of slow-running diesels at a power plant in Suriname. Among other things, turbo intercoolers, turbo running wheels, valve housings and cylinder heads are cleaned with it.

Ultrasonic cleaner specifications

  • Tank volume: 2,7m³
  • Power: 48,0 kW
  • Heating: 3x 9.0 kW keramisch insteek-element, 
  • Transducers: 8x 25kHz, 1.5 kW


  • Pneumatic lid with safe two-hand operation
  • PLC controlled cleaning time and temperature control
  • Air-conditioning on the control box for use in hot and humid climates

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Bert de Boer

Director / Sr. engineer
  • Tailored advice
  • 30+ years of experience in water treatment
  • Shipping fuel specialist
  • Project management
  • Specialism in process optimization