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Reverse osmosis

Increasing the efficiency of your reversed osmosis plant? Aquality advises!. Ask to be informed!

For treatment programs with our high quality modern anti-scalent and cleaner products you can call on Aquality!

Reversed Osmosis with more efficiency

Wherever reversed osmosis plants are operational, more and more use is being made of anti-scalents. Using these products, makes it possible to use hard instead of softened supply water and the recovery can be increased even more. In this way the overall efficiency of your process will increase.

The correct anti-scalent and product dosage

We have extensive database available, capable of selecting the correct anti-scalent and calculating the correct amount of product dosage needed. After the pre-calculation we provide you with a cost price indication per m3 of make up water on an annual basis. By using this program we also calculate the maximum achievable recovery value of the RO.


Introducing Aquality?

If you provide us with the specification of the reversed osmosis plant (make-up water flow, system recovery, configuration and type of membranes, etc.) and the water composition parameters of the make-up water, we will execute a engineered calculation. Just introduce us for advise and consultancy.


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