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Boiler water treatment

You want to protect your steam boilers against a variety of problems, like corrosion and deposits? Our water treatment is part of the solution.

For every situation Aquality provides the correct water treatment product.

Why boiler water treatment?

In boilers steam is being produced by evaporating water at high pressure and temperature. Due to the fact that only pure water evaporates, the concentration diluted salts in the boiler water will increase significantly. This may result in corrosion and deposits. With correct water treatment these problems are to be counter acted on.


Preventing deposits and corrosion in steam boilers.

If you do not apply the correct boiler water treatment, following problems can occur:


  • Deposits of for instance hardness salt lead to loss of heat transfer and can result in under deposit corrosion.

  • Boiler scaling may result in leakage of tubes due to overheating.

  • Corrosion may occur due to a high chlorine level at a high concentration index.

  • And not to forget oxygen corrosion resulting in pitting, a common problem in steam boilers.


Boiler water treatment, how to be executed?

To be able to prevent the above mentioned problems, water treatment is essential. The treatment consists of an appropriate pre-treatment with which we soften or demineralise and degas the make up water of the boiler. Followed by the injection of boiler water treatment products for precipitation of rest hardness neutralisation of the oxygen and carbon dioxide. The later creates most of the accidies corrosion in the condensate network.

Boiler water treatment by Aquality.

Aquality can rely on a extensive assortment of boiler treatment products. For every situation, depending on the boiler type, type of make-up water, materials used and wall temperatures – we make the choice of the most appropriate and economical treatment.
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