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Cooling water treatment

To be able to operate your system in a optimal way, cooling water treatment is of the upmost importance. Aquality is glad to be of assistance!

In this way you keep your cooling tower clean in in top condition, with a minimum use of biocides.

Why Cooling water treatment?

A evaporating cooling water system draws out energy by means of evaporating water. This absorbs very much energy (heat) from the recirculating cooling water. Due to the fact that only pure water evaporates, the concentration of remaining salts in the cooling water will increase. This can lead to corrosion and deposits. Sufficient blow down and the adequate cooling water product will counter act on this phenome.

Prevention of deposits and corrosion in a cooling water system.

In you do not apply the correct cooling water treatment in time, this will probably lead to experiencing following problems:

  • Deposits of hardness salts causing a decreasing heat transfer. This will end up in insufficient cooling capacity. Deposits can also generate under deposit corrosion.

  • Biological problems in de water of the cooling water system may occur. This is a result of the ideal temperature (20°C tot 30°C) on which systems are running, and due to the presence of organic and inorganic nutrients for bacteria.

Cooling water treatment by Aquality

You probably want to prevent or reduce above mentioned problems. If you cooperate with Aquality, you will have the availability of a wide program of water treatment products of Aquatreat and our own Star Chem line. The choice of the most appropriate and economical treatment, we shall make based on your situation, dependent on the type of cooling water system, the make-up water and materials involved, not to forget the wall temperatures. We gladly will advise you.


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