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Food industry

In the food and Beverage industry, a perfectly operating application of water or steam as heating or cooling medium is essential. Aquality helps you!

Aquality has many years of experience with solving challenges in sterilisation and pasteurizing systems.

Water or steam in the Food and Beverage Industry

During the conservation of foodstuff, use is being made of sterilisation or pasteurising systems. During the sterilisation process temperatures between 110°C and 135°C will occur.
When pasteurising products the temperature range will vary between 63°C and 100°C.
Pasteurisation as microbiological conservation method can be applied on food products maintained at a pH of 4,5. At this low pH, cell spores will not be able to sprout. Water is used as heat transfer medium in pasteurisation processes. Sterilisation processes use steam or a combination of water, air and/or steam.

Sterilisation systems for Foodstuff

The goal of sterilisation is the killing of all heat resistant spores to prevent decay of the food product. With the use of water a increased temperatures a few problems can occur, like:


  • Formation of deposits

  • Corrosion

  • Microbiological pollution of the process system or the product.

Aquality as your consultant

We are your consultant in the field of water for the food and beverage industry. We have gained much experience in solving challenges which can occur while using water or steam, applied as heating or cooling medium. Questions? We will be glad to help!


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